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Business concept and strategy

Business concept

The Company’s business concept is based on managing and refining properties in Swedish municipalities with population growth, good employment rate and a stable rental market. Long-term growth in value and cash flow will be achieved by being an active property owner in commu­nities where people want to live and work. The Company strives to be a reliable long-term landlord for people in Sweden and works with sustainability to contribute to the good development of society.


The Company’s strategy consists of long-term ownership and refinement of properties with cash flows protected from inflation, that generate a positive return over time. The Company aims to protect the role of leased property in Sweden by offering a good living environment and thus contributing to sustainable social development. The Company strives to actively promote sustainability both by contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and by offer­ing cost-effective and sustainable housing for people in Sweden.

The Company conducts long-term management, and constantly works to improve its properties by refinement of its portfolio, leading to good cost control. The Company has ongoing energy saving projects and renovations of the existing property portfolio. The Company is also investigat­ing the prospects of continuing and launching projects for energy consumption optimization and review its mainte­nance and tax-related costs.