It is important for us to do the right thing and to maintain the trust of our employees, partners and the public in us and our business. We therefore want to do everything we can to detect and prevent any misconduct in our organization as early as possible.

What can be reported?

The whistleblowing service can be used to report a concern about something that could seriously affect the company or a persons life or health, and that is not in line with Neobo’s values ​​and business ethics principles.

The whistleblowing service is for reporting misconduct in a work-related context. This can for example be:

  • Economic crime such as bribery, kickbacks, fraud and counterfeiting
  • Significant deficiencies in workplace safety
  • Significant violations of environmental regulations and pollution of the environment
  • Serious forms of discrimination and harassment

Remember that you do not need to have proof that your report is true, it is enough that you are in good faith about your concerns. However, lying or knowingly providing false information in your report is not permitted. Information that only concerns your personal work situation, such as dissatisfaction regarding salary or similar, does not usually constitute a whistleblower case.

How to report

Through the whistleblower service, you can be completely anonymous when you leave your whistleblowing. Your report will be encrypted, and no IP addresses can be tracked. You report simply and safely by following the instructions in the form and you never have to state your identity.

Describe your case in as much detail as possible with all the facts of the case, including the circumstances that you think are less important, so that we have the basis to proceed with an investigation. Attach any documentation that may be relevant.

When you send your report, you will receive a personal ID and password on the screen. Store them safely.

To ensure your anonymity – consider the following:

Copy this link and type it into your web browser:

Do not use the company’s computer or network.

If you would rather make a verbal report or book a physical meeting to submit a report, please contact Neobo’s General Counsel and Head of Sustainability, Malin Axland on phone number +46 (0)70-690 65 99 or [email protected]. A verbal report is documented and handled in the same way as a report made in this digital reporting channel.

This is how your report is handled

To ensure your anonymity, the whistleblowing service is managed by an external party, Qnister Whistle, The reporting channel is encrypted and password protected.

All reports are treated confidentially.

Reports received via the whistleblower service go to Neobo’s General Counsel and Head of Sustainability Malin Axland and board member Mona Finnström, who decide whether they are suitable to investigate the case or whether the further handling of the report should be handed over to another independent party. This may, for example, be the case if the case concerns one of the recipients.

We will respond within seven days and are grateful if you log in once a week while your report is being processed to read any follow-up questions or answers from us.